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nitishaNitisha has joined us in 2017 to pursue her passion for the travel industry as she begins work with our Asia clients. Nitisha's love for travel led her to study a degree in Tourism with Business at the University of Westminster. Since graduating Nitisha has worked in various marketing, sales and events companies such as Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, Representation Plus: Oman Ministry of Tourism, Travel Brands Ltd and luxury hotels.
She has also worked in the Cook Islands for the Pacific Resort Hotel Group and volunteered in a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia, Africa.
The travel bug has been with her since living in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for 7 years! She has continued to travel around the globe to countries such as Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Sri Lanka and Thailand to name a few!
When she's not traveling around the world she enjoys keeping fit, doing holistic therapies, cooking and writing, which has led her to submit articles for the Royal Aeronautical Society Magazine!