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Sydney Opera House Impawtant Pupdate

ppasohhSummer is a busy time at the Sydney Opera House, but as the number of guests visiting the House for amazing tours and experiences increases, so does the number of seagulls!

The Sydney Opera House has recently enlisted five very well-behaved dogs to run Seagull Paw-Patrol around Opera Bar and Opera Kitchen. Given the very important role of protecting your chips from the crafty seagulls, these friendly canines take their job very seriously, one paw-step at a time!

So, safe in the paws of our new friends, why not enjoy one of our Tour & Tasting Plate or Tour & Dine experiences at Opera Kitchen and Opera Bar. Perched beside the world-famous sails of the Opera House with uninterrupted views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera Kitchen provides innovative and creative food for all tastes and wallets, whilst Opera Bar is the perfect venue for a lazy lunch, pre-show bite or a cool bottle of wine.

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