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The Heli-swag Experience at Rawnsley Park Station

harpsFrom March to October, guests at Rawnsley Park Station can enjoy a unique heli-swag experience with Helivista.

Departing from Rawnsley in the late afternoon, guests will take a scenic helicopter flight past Rawnsley Bluff and the Wilpena Pound before landing on the Chace Range, where the can watch the sun set over spectacular views whilst staff set up their swag and camp for the night. As the helicopter leaves for the night, guests are provided with a 2-course camp meal to enjoy next to a warming campfire and the starry outback night sky. At dawn, your guests can prepare their own fireside breakfast before the helicopter arrives for a 10-minute flight back to Rawnsley Park Station.

Offering such an incredible and memorable experience, its no surprise to hear that Heli-camping is fast becoming the hero product for the Flinders Ranges, and Rawnsley is the perfect base to experience it from.
The Heli-swag experience is also incorporated into the three and five day Walking the Flinders Ranges guided walks.

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