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The Pavilions Phuket takes Guest Experience to the next Level with Portier Technologies

Ocean View Pool VillaThe Pavilions Phuket, recognised as one of Asia’s most outstanding and intimate resorts, now provides guests with customised Portier Phones, lifting the guest experience into the digital age and taking personalisation to new heights.


The Portier Phone not only allows guests to make complimentary phone calls (to anywhere in the world) and surf the internet, but ensures that the whole travel experience is covered, from booking a spa treatment at the hotel to accessing unique experiences across the island. Perhaps most importantly, guests now have an uninterrupted connection to the hotel’s guest experience team and can request assistance with any requirement they may have to ensure a more personalised and memorable stay.

“The Pavilions Phuket continually looks for ways to enhance our guests’ experience. We believe Portier to be right for our guests so that they’re connected while on holiday, and so we create an experience beyond expectations,” said Conor O’Leary, General Manager at The Pavilions Phuket.

O’Leary also remarked that he expects the Portier service to have a positive impact on the resort’s environmental goals, helping to reduce the need for excessive printing and thus, further lowering the property’s carbon footprint.

“Having always believed in the romance of a unique hotel experience, it’s great to see yet another distinctive resort property adopt our platform,” commented Mike Pope, Portier Technologies’ Chief Revenue Officer. “At Portier Technologies, our job is to enhance the already excellent abilities of hotel staff members. We believe that working with The Pavilions Phuket will give us an opportunity to deliver a world-class guest experience via the resort’s world-class guest experiences team!”

With this added personal touch, The Pavilions Phuket can expect to create an even more memorable experience for guests that choose to stay at the resort.

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