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Alain Passard, 3-Michelin Star chef at Arpège, Paris, Cooks at The Sukhothai Bangkok

Alain Passard is the proud owner of 3 Michelin Stars and his restaurant Arpège located in Paris, France, continues to conduct new innovations in French cuisine that never fail to impress diners who are fortunate to experience any of his creations.

Born in France into a family of musicians, Alain’s interest in cooking started at an early age while assisting his grandmother in the kitchen. He began his professional culinary career at the age of 14 working at Hôtellerie du Lion d’Or in Liffré under Michel Kéréver and his career has escalated ever since, eventually earning him the distinction of being the youngest chef to obtain 2 Michelin Stars, at the age of 26.

In 1986, Alain purchased the 3 Michelin Stars restaurant Archestrate from his former mentor, Alain Senderens, and renamed it Arpège. It took only a single year to earn its first star, then one
year more to earn its second. In 1996, Arpège earned its third star from the Michelin Guide, which it has retained ever since.

Alain’s cuisine resonates something so distinctive in itself, as his inspiration focuses on expressing the idea of mere land and sea by removing red meat from his menu completely and utilizing produce as one of the cores of his art. The Arpège is “home cooking” by Alain, a workshop where raw materials are vegetables, fish, poultry, herbs and spices. He captures the essence of each ingredient through eliminating unnecessary steps, to highlight the character of
the products and harmonize their individual qualities into one dish. His dedication and success in opening new doors, as expressed in each of his creations, provides a memorable experience for

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