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Re-launching Daydream Island in the UK market


Daydream Island is a well-known island in the beautiful Whitsundays region off the coast of North Queensland, Australia has been a client of SLC since 2012.  
In January 2017, Daydream announced a $50mill refurbishment to commence in February 2018. However, in March 2017, Cyclone Debbie caused substantial damage to the island. The main Jetty of the island was completely washed away, water, power and telephone lines were lost, the roof of the day spa was torn, and the lovers cover deck was destroyed. This provided Daydream with an opportunity to undergo a major renovation of the island with an increased budget of $100million, promising a 4.5* resort. Daydream Island is expected to re-open in early 2019.

With Daydream being closed for almost 2 years, it was imperative to ensure Product Managers and key trade decision makers are fully aware of all the exciting relaunch updates, so they can spread the news throughout the industry.



-    Promote Daydream relaunch to key trade decision makers
-    Increase awareness of Daydream Islands updates and of its journey of rejuvenation to opening.
-    To show Product Managers the new product and its high-end rejuvenation compared to the original
-    Introduce Daydream Island to high-end operators.


s kfhsdkfjhsdSTRATEGY

We decided to hold two events - in London and in Manchester in order to ensure we were able to host as many key people from the industry as possible.
It was key that the events were held at a venue that resonated with Daydream Island which is synonymous with an idyllic location, marine biology and aquatic conservation, fine dining and romance.

SLC short listed various restaurants and events spaces that either had Australian connections such as well-known Aussie  chefs or themes or that in some way resonated with the island and aquatic life. It was also important that the venue had plenty of “wow” factor so that the event would attract our key audience and tempt them to attend. Audio visual capability was a prerequisite to enable the playing of a video showing the newly re-built Daydream Island.

The timing was key, we were bound to a certain week that we would have the Director of Sales and Marketing, Jayson Heron in London to attend.  

With these points in mind we selected the private dining room, The Coral Reef Room at the Mayfair restaurant Sexy Fish for the London venue and the restaurant Australasia for the Manchester event.

Each venue provided a bespoke canape and drinks menu to reflect Daydream Island.

Recruitment for attendees took the form of a personal invitation from Abbie Downes, SLC Sales Executive on behalf of Jayson Heron.

The events took place on the 3rd September 2018 in London and 5th September in Manchester.


  • Both events were at capacity with the London event attracted over 30 industry key Product Managers, and the smaller Manchester 15 attendees
  • Awareness of the USPs of the island, and the new features
  • Increased enquiries from Product Managers in contracting the island to be on sale for its opening in May 2019.