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Repositioning Perth

Twilight sailing on Swan River Perth


Tourism Western Australia tasked us with challenging Perth's 'second tier' city tag in the UK and driving reappraisal of Perth as an extraordinary destination, at a time when our barriers of cost and capacity threatened to be a dominant impression of the Western Australian gateway. As part of this we needed to launch a new brand developed for the city and communicate the range of developments in infrastructure, hotels and restaurants within the city of Perth.


We delivered an integrated marketing communications campaign to challenge perceptions of Perth by
positioning it as one of Australia's 'hottest' cities and drive bookings with our airline partners.

With the key message of 'Australia's sunniest city just got cool', we chose media that reflected quality, fresh and aspirational values which we wanted our target demographic to associate with Perth eg Conde Nast Traveller and Telegraph's glossy lifestyle magazine, Stella.  Our campaign led with PR, generating features on the city's changing face and extraordinary experiences. We then amplified and commercialised the message through a series of advertorials with airline partners and an affiliate partnership with mobile phone giant, Orange, to introduce the city to new audiences.

We took the initiative to produce a creative treatment in the form of a one page advertorial repositioning Perth to be utilised in commercial partnerships, negotiating additional investment from key airlines to extend the campaign reach.

The 'New Perth' key messages were also rolled out in within the industry to our trade partners through trade media and training, co-operative campaigns and famil itineraries which highlighted Perth's developments which reflected the repositioning.


ü  The negotiated partner investment reached an additional one million people within our target market.

ü  The campaign secured EAV in excess of $500,000 AUD.

ü  The advertorial activity guaranteed consistency of message and aligned with 'New Perth' features delivered through PR.

ü  One airline alone increased business class traffic over the campaign period by 17%.


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