The Sandra Leach Company Representation, PR, Marketing

Tourist Board Representation


The challenge

SLC was appointed as the trade representatives for Tourism Tasmania between 2003 and 2008. The challenges included a lack of product awareness when compared with states such as Queensland, and complex access requiring additional flights beyond the major gateways. With limited budget, marketing had to be extremely selective, had to compete with other regions with larger budgets, and had to guarantee a return on investment.

The solution

Extensive on-the-road training was conducted, and incentives offered for agents to complete the online training, providing a cost-effective way of raising Tasmania's profile within the trade. Positioning Tasmania as a second-time visitor destination was one of the core messages delivered through training and marketing, ensuring the range of product was highlighted. Working with partners who already had databases of repeat visitors to Australia was the key priority, and campaigns included a successful dedicated Telegraph supplement that featured inspirational copy from a range of journalists, and had financial support from Qantas, Tailor-Made Travel, Jansz Wines and APT. Common-rated fares were negotiated, and trade famil events such as the infamous car rally produced trade ambassadors who could have real influence in marketing coverage and conversion back in the UK.

The outcome

During SLC's contract, European visitor numbers rose 29%, from 34,756 in 2002 to 59,000 in 2007. The length of stay was also increased from 13.9 to 17.1 over the same period. Co-operative marketing campaigns were always sought with additional financial support, and substantial funds were secured by other partners including airlines and tour operators per year to support our activity. The contract concluded at the end of our 5 year term.