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A day in the life

It's 10:00am on a Tuesday morning.

Deborah's day starts early – emails have been checked on the way to the office. She's having progress meetings with the team – checking in on the strategy and objectives across the accounts. She'll then be checking in with Rachael to pay the expenses, before heading out to a meeting with Maria at a key tour operator.

Lee's in a meeting with the Indian Tourist Board. He's planning a famil with an airline partner, and he's working his magic to try and secure additional financial support. It is never easy getting people to part with precious ££, but he's had lots of practice. Good relationships go a long way.

Plamena's morning has started with a conference call with one of her clients, conducted at Euston station before she boarded the train to Manchester for a travel agent training day. Tomorrow she's back in the office planning trade show schedules before a lunch meeting with a tourist board to secure her clients' inclusion in an upcoming fam trip.

Laoise's meeting a travel editor. She's updating them on the latest news from Western Australia, discussing travel trends and pitching ideas for features. Laoise has lived and breathed Western Australia for eight years, and it's this passion, plus a nose for a great story and excellent contacts which keeps delivering fantastic results.

Elen's working on a co-operative marketing campaign, and is putting together the campaign brief. It's all very well having great creative, but everything boils down to the return on investment. She knows she's accountable, so she's using all of her marketing experience and expertise to ensure it is a winner.

Maria's got her work cut out calling operators about a new hotel opening in Sri Lanka. In such a competitive market, you have to be front of mind. And with 172 rooms to fill, you can't afford to be complacent. She's hoping for four new contracts before the end of the week, and she's halfway there.

Felipe is busy working simultaneously on three important marketing campaigns. Making sure that all creatives and content is aligned with the key messages of beautiful Western Australia takes a lot of time and effort, but he is looking forward to seeing the campaigns when they go live and continuing to drive more visitors to this incredible destination.

Kim is busy organising her next PATA Quiz Night – this time we're off to Northern Ireland. The venues are booked, so now we need to fill that space! Rachael is signing up suppliers and recruiting agents to attend. She needs to fill all 10 supplier slots to hit her target. This means picking up the phone and getting those tourist board, hotel, DMC and airline partners interested and on board.

Sandra's heading to a lunch meeting with the CEO of a major UK operator. Keeping up relations at the highest level is really vital, and she's already picked up a few hot tip-offs and booking trends to share with the team at the next monthly meeting.

Rachael is hard at work. It is the end of the month, and she's compiling the team's expenses, which with 10 team members out on the road, is no mean feat. She knows the team have been absolutely meticulous in making sure their expenses are as low as possible and divided fairly and accurately. And it has to balance to the penny.

Chris is busy working through a list of new operators that he is to contact throughout the week, whilst filling the diary of a company directors trip to the UK in a few months' time. Alongside speaking to new and existing product managers to get those appointments filled - he needs to be in the know of any trends within the industry!

Jo is working on a number of new business leads. In a competitive market, it is important to have your ears to the ground and be aware of new opportunities as soon as they arise.