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The Compass Collection

SLC Representation are the UK affiliate for The Compass Collection.

The Compass Collection is a global network of like-minded travel representation and marketing companies. Working independently but offering the same high standards and client-focussed ethos, The Compass Collection offers you the opportunity to tailor representation to your exact requirements, and be guaranteed a consistent level of knowledge, expertise and personalised service across a number of markets.

By sourcing the best individuals and small businesses in each market, we have taken the hard work out of the time-consuming process of selecting worldwide representatives. Whilst we share ideas and best practice across the network, we also recognise the idiosyncrasies of different markets and consumers, and as your local expert in each market, the approach and execution of the work we carry out will be different. Above all, you can rely on our members to offer you a personal, professional and transparent service whichever markets you choose.

Whilst The Compass Collection recommends its members, there is no obligation to work with more than one member, and we are also happy to work alongside other partnerships that you may already have in place. Your dealings would be with each individual member organisation, rather than with the network as a whole.


The Compass Collection - Australia

The Compass Collection - Germany

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